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Welcome to

Northern Belle Stables!

Northern Belle Stables is a full service Show Horse facility.


Catering to the Morgan Horse, the American Saddlebred and The Hackney Pony, we successfully maintain a top notch World Champion training program for saddle seat, hunt seat, western and driving. We also offer an outstanding lesson program for all abilities and needs.


From adult learning groups, horse camps, youth club, Morgan Horse youth group and show rider groups, our diverse array of trainers and instructors can successfully maintain top quality in all aspects of equestrian activities.


Whether you are interested in becoming a serious show ring competitor or simply wish to enjoy casual riding or driving and instruction in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere, we have it for you!

Come and give us a try!

Introductory lesson at only $25!

Training Package also available


When traveling from Rt 495 or

Rt 95. Your will end up on Kimball Rd. Follow to Northern Belle Stables which will be on the left. Watch for white plastic fencing, turn just before. 

When traveling from Rt 125 or

Rt 108. When on Amesbury Rd Northen Belle Stables will be on the right. There will be a white convenience store 'Dukes State Line Store'. This store is just before the white fence and driveway.

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