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Meet the Northern Belle Staff!

Tyler Lampropoulos


As Trainer, Tyler has a great ability to bring along a horse that needs that special touch. He prides himself with his dedication and passion to his horses. He is also very passionate about the future of the show horse industry. Over the past years Tyler has had the opportunity to work with great horses and their awesome owners. Tyler has worked with some great Hackney Pony and Morgan trainers and also worked at the saddlebred show stable, Mercer Springs Farm in WV. Tyler is now making his mark on the New England circuit working to make his teams Champions. He is proving this with each horse he has started and show horses that he has improved. He is also very thankful for the opportunities for being able to help his riders gain confidence & skills with their horses in and out of the show ring. His teams have had outstanding accomplishments in these past few years and he is looking forward to a great future!

Judy Nason


As Trainer, Judy has a wealth of experience in a variety of disciplines. She has trained, instructed, and competed with Morgan horses at the World Championship level in Saddle Seat, Hunt Seat, Western, Driving and In-hand. Over the years, Judy has amassed well over 30 World Championship and Reserve World Championship titles.

For over fifty years, Judy has dedicated her life to the relationship between horse and rider, and is dedicated to establishing true horsemanship in each of her riders. She takes pride in her reputation for turning out top amateur and juvenile riders that compete at the top of the industry.

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Jillian Tsiplakis

As camp Director and riding instructor, Jill has had great success organizing and running an amazing camp program. Our camps are very popular and run through-out the year. Jill has been riding for over 25yr. Majored in Equestrian Science at Stephens College. is an American Red Cross certified Coach. Jill competes on the NE Show circuit with her Saddlebred "Buffy" and is passionate about sharing her love of horses with the next generation.

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Emma Chisholm

Rudy Nason

Meet Rudy! He takes his job seriously as member of the Northern Belle staff! This adorable Welsh Corgi is in training in a dual role as barn supervisor and welcome committee. Most recently, his newest hobby is agility training, which he enjoys immensely!


When she isn't napping in the viewing room or upstairs in the hay, you are likely to see her patrolling the aisles and arena, or with a tail high in the air greeting guests. She is the best at her job! 


Peri                                          Winnie The Pooh                                         Annie

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