Lessons at Northern Belle Stables


The Northern Belle teaches lessons by appointment 6 days a week. We also offer participation in barn and local fun shows and tournaments in addition to our Academy and Show Teams. When students first come to Northern Belle, their riding skills are evaluated and their lessons personalized to each student’s riding abilities. Designed to bring riders from entry level to World Championship contenders, and everything in between, our lesson

program offers professional instruction for all ages and levels of experience. Riders in our

lesson program are also encouraged to watch other riders work their horses. Our heated

viewing room offers comfortable seating with a great view of our indoor riding arena. 

Our mission is to help students reach their riding goals, whether it is with a lesson horse,

a show horse, or their own horse.

                          Riding Lesson Packages

                                   May be purchased as single lessons or discounted packages


                         Northern Belle Lessons From beginners to Advanced Show Riders

 Northern Belle is highly recommended for first-time students all the way up to advanced Show Riders. Our instructors come with many years of experience. They pay close attention to detail focusing on Horsemanship skills as well as safety, through 30 minutes of riding time and 15 minutes of horse care and hands-on experience.  

             $55 - Single / $210 - 4 Lesson Package / $400 - 8 Lesson Package / $490 - 10 Lesson Package

                                          Lessons With Judy Nason or Tyler Lampropoulos

                                $60 Single / $230 - 4 Lesson Package / $440 - 8 Lesson Package

                                                            Group Lessons

Group lessons are offered for all ages in the evenings and on weekends. These lessons

run for 1 hour, 30 minutes ride time and 30 minutes grooming and horse care.

Group lessons are offered for all level riders after completing Intro lessons.

                                      $45 - Single / $170 - 4 Lesson Package / $320 - 8 lesson package

                                               Horseback Yoga / Lunge Lessons

Taught on the lunge line, these lessons run for 20 minutes. Focus is on core strength,

balance and stretching. Riders learn to use specific muscle groups to control their own body

as well as how to communicate with the horse.

                                                       $40 single /$150 - 4 lesson package

                                                       Tiny Tot Lessons

Offered for children ages 3-5 who are in the beginning stages of riding. 15-20 minutes of ride time with 10 minutes of grooming.  Once riders progress past this stage, they may enter our private  lessons.                                                     $35 each



Guidelines for Riding Gear and Apparel

Riders should wear ankle-high boots with a smooth sole and a ½ inch heel. Hiking boots are not suggested as the sole might get caught in the stirrup. Boots may be lace-up, zipper or elastic. Sneakers are not acceptable. Long pants are necessary. Helmets are available for your use, however we suggest that you purchase a helmet of your own if you plan to continue riding for awhile. Bicycle helmets are not appropriate for riding horses.